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He also:

  • told Neville to stand up to people
  • confronted a full-sized mountain troll to save a girl he couldn’t stand
  • said it didn’t matter whether someone was a pureblood, half-blood, or Muggle-born
  • gave Dobby his sweater
  • faced a bunch of giant spiders in the hopes of saving the school and clearing Hagrid’s name
  • told Luna he loved her Quidditch commentary, and very sincerely tried to convince her he wasn’t teasing her
  • stood up on a broken leg, trying to protect Harry
  • gave up his grudge against Hermione the moment he learned how much she, Hagrid, and Buckbeak needed him
  • realized he was wrong about Harry putting his name in the Goblet of Fire, and promptly went to apologize
  • jumped into a freezing pond to save Harry and retrieve the Sword of Gryffindor
  • confronted his best friend to prevent his sister’s heart being broken any further than it already was
  • begged Bellatrix to torture him in place of Hermione
  • couldn’t break up with a girl who drove him nuts because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings
  • remembered the Hogwarts House Elves when no one else did, and wanted to make them evacuate, rather than order them to fight
  • tried to go back to Harry and Hermione as soon as he left them
  • didn’t make excuses for leaving, he came right out and admitted he had been wrong
  • didn’t get angry at Hermione for taking a long time to forgive him
  • saved Tonks’s life (while impersonating Harry to lower Harry’s chances of being killed, at the same time increasing his own)
  • told Hermione not to curse Draco, even though he hates him

In conclusion, Ron is awesome. The end.

and he put his shoes and socks on dobby to be buried in because he knew how much dobby loved clothes. disliking ron weasley’s character makes 0 sense.

reblogging for the 100th time because ronald.

My baby.


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Mr. Barnes has the floor

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mercilessly makes fun of zulf

“ The male narrators voice makes me question my interest in females. ”

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Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites players to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as they fight through a stunning futuristic city.

Only a few hours left! Available on PS4 and PC/Steam.



Long overdue fanart for one of my favorite games of all time, Bastion

All this takes a lot of gettin’ use to,
And you do get used to it… after a while

There’s three things I’ll always miss though
One, not havin’ to watch my step all the time
Two… Ah… forget about two
And three… I miss the songs



has this been done yet?

i don’t even know why i made this

im so happy


Fanart de uno de los juegos que más he disfrutado últimamente, Bastion. Ilustración para la Supercon de Jerez que se celebra este fin de semana, si andáis cerca, podréis ver esta lámina y muchas otras allí expuestas :)

Bastion fanart, one of my latest fav games. Did this for an expo at Jerez’ Supercon. It’ll be held this weekend and my print will be there among many other awesome illustrations :)


im all about having more body posi media but not when the message is “boys like curvy girls” because who fucking cares what boys like